Trump's Holocaust

What’s all this bombing Syria nonsense all about? Does the big orange stupid man want a big stupid war?
Does Donny Tiny-hands sunburn with envy whenever he sees that video of George W Bush declaring himself a “war president”? Does it take courage to go to war or is it possible that the real courage these days lies in having the decency to avoid war?
So many questions. I am profoundly disgusted, but I know I’m not beaten because I’m still asking questions.

I watch
Orange Mussolini (Trump) blather on, and I wonder if he himself believes a word of what he’s saying. He can’t possibly can he? You would have to be coo coo for cocoa puffs to believe the shit that comes out of that big fat over-sized tick-tack infested maw of his. Taking away healthcare improves healthcare? I don’t know if it’s worse that he’s dumb enough to say it or insane enough to think that Americans will believe it. As far as I can see both Syria and Trump Care have one thing in common, and it’s an obsidian and ugly thing. They’re killing people for money on a mass scale. If you’ve got a game where millions will die and Trumps motley crew of misfit billionaires can make a buck they’re in there like a Candiru fish. We’re talking the industrialized murder of possibly millions of people. Millions of brown people.

Same shit different millennium.

Just when you can’t hold back that wave of bile at the back of your throat, here comes the mainstream media. Hoisting Trumps obvious false flag high. Applauding the slaughter of the mostly innocent, cheering and fawning over the idiot in chief as they fight to keep themselves from ejaculating in their fine tailored suits at the thought of war, and the images it brings. Images that will make them rich and their networks even richer. Christopher Hitchens used to say that we humans still bear the stamp of our lowly ancestors, and I have to say it’s never more obvious than times like these. The bloodlust of the powerful is the only thing that ever really trickles down to the flag waving masses, as the Ameri-GUN way rears it’s ugly head and snorts it’s porcine battle cry through the mouth of an orange buffoon. This is the worst of America. This is why some refer to it as “The Great Satan”.

I might agree, if i’d never met an actual American. You know that old woman that lives down the street that you don’t pay much attention to. The one that raised 30 some odd foster kids she gave everything to and now Trump wants to take away her benefits. You know those people who have somehow managed to have a shade more than nothing and yet they’re still willing to share it with those who have nothing at all? Most politicians are working to make a sneaky buck off society, while these people who are at risk of poverty themselves are the people who are really working to hold society together. Cash is king and the corporate donors can buy or sell off chunks of the kingdom anytime it strikes their fancy.

Speaking of sneaky politicians, now entering the fray,
two time loser Hillary Clinton has to continue to punch in for the donor class by getting behind the Trumpster’s “more muscular” response in Syria. She’s not going to give back the excess of the over one billion dollars donated to her second feckless attempt to become president so now she’s got to “earn” it. She claims that even though she won’t run for elected office again, she’s going to stick around to serve the nation. I’m pretty sure she’ll be serving up a steady ideological platter of gaslit corporatist propaganda to ensure that the democrats never veer off to the left for the good of the general public. When it comes to progressive goals she’s the greedy goalie and her pads are stuffed with corporate cash. She’s hoping for a shutout with the hopes and dreams of millions of americans deflected away from the net to be put on ice for as long as possible.

America, if we’re honest is not really the land of opportunity anymore. It’s the richest country on earth and the people that built it and do the work to maintain and defend it don’t
REALLY get to live in it. It’s these very same working class people who having had a few bad months in a row, might find themselves living in poverty. We’re talking about the people who manage to make a living not because of the economy that the government’s policies provide but in spite of those policies and a disgracefully rigged economy.

The conservative politicians, both Republican and Democrat have found a way to paint the poor and the powerless as freeloaders. When the awful truth of it is that it’s the 1% who are the freeloaders. Beneficiaries of corporate welfare. Leeches that socialize their liabilities while they spirit away their filthy lucre where it does little but leave a gaping hole in the economy and spread austerity to millions. Every day these heavily moneyed individuals ride us around and use the mainstream media to pump gaslit garbage into our heads in an effort to ride us all just a little bit further before we all drop dead. Am I wrong? Do you think they, the people that George Carlin referred to as the “Owners” of the country give a tinker’s cuss about you?

I’ve got news for you, the top of the pops of wealthy wankers don’t even see you and I as humans. We’re cattle, or sheep to them and they refer to us as such when they get together to compare photos of their solid gold bidets, and that’s if they’re feeling generous. So much pride they have in themselves. It doesn’t occur to them that the moment we stop propping them up they're all done.

But you, dear reader have to realize that you, and all the people in your building, or that live on your block have this power. It’s always there and it never goes away. Don’t ever let those at the lofty end of society cause you to forget it.

We’ve reached a time where that power must be exercised. When you protest what’s happening it does more than aggravate the machine. It shows those in other countries, who may wish to do you harm, that it’s NOT the American people who are bombing their weddings and killing their children. It’s the American government. It takes the target OFF you and puts it where it belongs. You have to show the rest of the world that you’re willing to fight the government and demand they stop killing for money overseas and on your own streets. You must shine that beautiful black light on those that sanction the big stupid wars so that the world can see the blood that’s on their hands. The 1% on up to the 1/10th of 1% are covered head to toe in that blood. Theirs are the crimes against humanity. Theirs are the violations of human rights. It’s their agenda that hoards the resources away from those who desperately need it and are equally entitled to it.

THEY are willing to watch you and your fellow Americans die. They are willing to reduce opportunity for your children to force them into military service, and GI bill themselves into an education. After all it’s perfectly acceptable to these wealthy wing nuts that your kids should go overseas and dodge bullets for up to EIGHT YEARS just to get a job that pays slightly more than minimum wage. These corporate connivers neglect to tell you that THEY THEMSELVES are trying to keep that minimum wage as low as possible. It’s obvious that these parsimonious parasites respect no-one, not even each other, all they respect is money. Their cheap-skatery makes life cheap on a global scale. They are the high priests of avarice and of gluttony and of indifference to the suffering of millions. It’s their temples that must fall and burn to ashes before empathetic justice and true democracy can hold their righteous sway over the lives of all Americans.
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